Welcome darling baby Saif, you are more than a number to us!

 We would like to share some wonderful news with you. Mohamad and Noura one of the couples we are housing in our ‘sponsor a family program’ have given  birth to a healthy little boy. Saif Aldeen was born on the 28th of March.  Noura and Saif are doing well and are already discharged from the hospital to their warm and welcoming apartment provided by us.

On  a special note, Saif is the 100th guest Three Peas is supporting. We are ever so happy we can provide a safe and peaceful home for this young family.

Even in the face of hardship, refugees can gain happiness, joy and hope.

We have a long waiting list for people that are considered especially vulnerable, waiting for a place in our program.

Please consider to support our ‘sponsor a family’ program, you could be the one that makes all the difference. With your continued support we will be able to help more people that have been through the worst.

 Donate via Paypal

On behalf of Mohamad, Noura, Saif and the 97 guests we were able to help since last September we express our deepest gratitude.

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