Since November 2016 Three Peas has worked closely with Swisscross. The success of our housing project has been due to our establishment of a Community Center in Sindos, where all guests are welcome to meet and socialise, learn languages and attend a range of other courses. Our team on the ground is always there with help and advice, a welcoming smile or a warm reassuring hug … which often speaks louder than words.
Three Peas will be taking over the running of this great project and would welcome any help you can give – large or small – every little helps. Please consider setting up a regular donation to help us continue our work. Click the Donate button on our website:

Michael & Rahel, you are impressive and courageous role models in your full commitment to people in need .
Enjoy your break with your little Simon, you will have many stories to share with him one day.

Heartfelt thanks, Martina, Minou, Lena, Vassia, Blanka & Clem

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