The Wind Stayed

It’s 22.17 pm. I just entered my room after passing by to the pharmacy to buy baby milk and medicines. I feel we had very productive day as we helped so many families with milk, clothing and nappies and also I came with my friend lawyer who has been doing fantastic legal assistance and we found very important cases and we helped as much as we could and Iphi will work on other cases later when she is in Athens.
Many Afghani families came and complained that they are not treated equally and many bring Syrians more support. Very happy I was able ten Afgani families with their babies and children. I think they changed their minds as I dealt equally with every single refugee. I also supported families from South Sudan, Eritrea, DRC, Ghana and Somalia.
As I bombarded you with so many videos today, I decided to write briefly tonight. However, I want to mention this case. While talking to a family from Iraq, I saw a woman crying as I approached her she started crying more and said “Please take my out of Moria, please take me out of Moria”. A Syrian woman from Aleppo who lives with her husband and 4-month-old baby. She has a similar story to many others. They had been taken to Athens and left out to the wilderness. Their money (90 Euros a month) was cut and no housing and no support at all. She lived for 25 days on the street and then decided to come back to Moria as there was no alternative and now she is desperate to leave as her baby is sick and she does not want to live in a tent. She was very sad and me too. Now will wait for her to have the permission (again) to go to Athens and I will rent her and her family a flat there. She has to wait for few weeks until she can go as refugees who were allowed to travel, they need another permission if they come back.
One other thing. ALL single men have been denied permission to leave the island (except few exceptional Special Cases) and they are also denied asylum interview at least the second interview. Everyone we spoke to, was miserable. Many have bullets in their bodies during the peaceful protests in Syria. Planned misery.
We finally, on a positive side met two men an artist and a film maker, very pleasant people. We took them out for a short drink. One said “I never since 12 month, expected that some one will come and take me out even for a little bit. It was nice to see their mood changed. Good night

Ghias Aljundi 16/12/2017 Moria, Lesbos





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