We are back from our last trip to Greece and determined to help!

6th of June  from 8am to 4pm at the German school London

Deutsche Schule London

Bus  Bay | Petersham Road | Richmond, Surrey | TW10 7AH

Donations of hygiene products parcels and pallets please get in contact with us for further instructions. threepeasinapot@outlook.com

We invite you to join us and help us to fill up a truck with essentials for the island of Lesbos. All collected goods will be taken to our partner, the Attika warehouse, and distributed to ALL of the thousands of people in need – we don’t make differences!

List of desperately needed items:

List of Items

Hygiene products:
Shampoo, shower gel, soap, deodorant, toothbrushes, -paste, NAPPIES (mainly size 3), baby wipes, sun cream / sun block, moisture cream for multi-use, women sanitary pads, mosquito repellents, antiseptic cream.

Men (Contrary to popular belief, men are in dire need for clothing too. Please don’t forget them!)
Underwear (NEW) mainly small sizes S/M, trousers S/M (teenager size), shoes/ flip-flops/crocs (39-45, most wanted 42 and 43 EU sizing), T-shirts S/M, light jumpers S/M
Please don’t bring big sizes, men are usually not bigger than 180cm and very slim.

Underwear (NEW), bras all sizes, leggings, slim jeans, vests, Tunics, or long sleeved T-shirts, square light scarves, shoes, flip-flops/crocs

all sizes and all SUMMER clothes welcome, please think of teenage girls, slim and small. NEW underwear, shoes, flip-flops/crocs (all sizes)

School material for all, pens notepads

Travel bags/rucksacks


Spoons/ forks (support for our Sustainability Project)


We will deliver the donations on the 9th of June to a drop off location in Sunbury upon Thames, where they will be loaded onto pallets which Three Peas are sending via Austria to Greece. Cash donations – even a pound per person – would help a huge amount towards the cost of transport. We have set up a donation page in hope to cover these transport costs here.


We’ve recently partnered up with the One Happy Family kitchen, distributing up to 900 meals a day, and sourced plates and cups as well as an industrial dishwasher to decrease the staggering amount of daily waste. Now we would like to get one step further and get cutlery, mainly spoons and forks. Please, if you have access to a supplier, again donations would be best as funds are very limited. They don’t have to be pretty or all the same, just functional and reusable!


Should anyone of you work or have a friend working for a hygiene product company? Any small or big donation of items, discontinued products or those with short shelf life would be highly appreciated!!!

Or – if anyone, group, school or company is interested in helping us buy our supplies by the pallet, we have access to excellent deals with local suppliers allowing us to put money into the Greek Economy. Bulk buying gives us a saving of about 10%, meaning your money goes further. Please get in touch with us via email and we could provide you with more details. We will happily send cash receipts, invoice slips etc. so that you have full visibility of purchase and distribution. Please consider joining others in becoming one of our valued partners.

Please be aware that usually for 10 helpers on our side there is only one who will unpack and distribute your donated items. People in camps have no access to amenities like running water or a washing machine – donated clothes and shoes need to be clean.

When: 06.06.18
German School London from 08:00 – 4:00pm