Giraffe and Hippopotamus 32 x 23,5 cm

Born in Paris and raised in Morocco, Barroux has an instinctive passion for travel and exploring other cultures. It’s no surprise that he approaches each new book he is illustrating as if it’s the beginning of an adventure. Barroux strives to create unusual artwork, and when creating picture book art, he always tries to surprise the little kid that is inside of him. He studied photography, art, sculpture, and architecture in France at the famous École Estienne and École Boule, and his mastery of these other mediums influences his illustration. He began illustrating by creating linocut images, and continues to try out various techniques in his work – from collages with antique papers, to oil pastels, to interesting color palettes. Despite all of the countries and far-away lands he’s explored, Barroux still believes that life in books is more extraordinary, where dogs can fly and trees are blue.

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Client List


Blue Apple Books
The New York Times
Popular Science
Press Book
Viking Books
Wall St. Journal
Perseus Publishing
Interactive Week
Red Herring
L’enjeux-Les échos

Awards / Honors

  • 2012 Society of Illustrators Original Art Show Annual Exhibition
  • First Place for Extraordinary Pets in NY Book Show for “Hardcover Picture Book—Fiction” category
  • 2005 Enfantasie Award for Uncle John and the Giant Cherry Tree