1701 untitled, 60 x 40 cm, oil on canvas

Florence was born 1965 in France and grew up between France and Canada.
She now lives in Germany.

She says:
My first experience with painting was with oil colours as a child. I always kept the memory of its texture and the brightness of its colours. It has since be my favourite, though not exclusive medium.

My paintings are the expression of sensory experiences with nature.
When walking or traveling the light, smell, temperature of the air, the colours, lines and structures of the landscape remain engraved in my memory.
It can be the long walks with the dog in the forest or on the banks of the Rhine, the latest travels in Lapland, England or the Netherlands.
Later, all those sensations collide and guide my creativity towards a free, abstract interpretation of those landscapes.

I work in layers, continuously adding, shoving colour before scraping or wiping it off. Create – destroy – create until I feel at peace with the painting.

I painted this picture (1701 Ohne Titel) at the Lake Leman in the Alps, where I often stay. It is inspired by the colour of the water and the atmosphere of a stormy day in autumn 2017.

Painting is my second life, by far the most emotional, surprising and stimulating one.


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