Our “sponsor a family” project started a year ago after taking on two families we got to know while working in the military run Karamanlis camp. People where living under terrible conditions in an old factory building in tents. During winter temperatures fall below zero even in sunny Greece. We were asked to extend our housing project as it looked like the plan to house everyone by the UNHCR before winter wouldn’t be realised. Up to today we had more than 100 guests. Some of our families were able to move on, they were taken on by the UNHCR housing program or lucky enough to be relocated or reunited with their families. Still, there are too many waiting in limbo to finally be with their loved ones. No one should be separated after having been through so much suffering when the only thing that has been left is your family.

At the end of the day we are all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children who want to see our loved ones safe and sound and not only that, we want to see them happy.

Yet again winter is coming, and there are many people stuck in overcrowded camps on the islands close to Turkey since months or even years. We are waiting what is going to happen in the next few weeks – ready to help as good as we can. Please consider to help by donating, volunteering, fundraising – any help is welcome!