Twickenham-born artist, record producer, DJ and filmmaker Jem Panufnik’s highly distinctive artwork combines comic book cool with a heavy dose of dark humour.

Since the mid-nineties Jem Panufnik has been right at the cutting edge of underground art culture, most notably with Finger Lickin’ Records, the award-winning dance music label he co-founded and which for over a decade acted as a springboard for his multitude of talents ranging from graphics, illustration and animation to DJing, composition and record production. His stunning visual creations have adorned countless record covers, t-shirts, club and festival projections from Glastonbury to San Francisco, as well as posters, flyers and other music-related ephemera, most of which are now extremely collectable.

Visit Jem Panufnik‘s website for more information about him and to see some of his works.