JOHN TZOMAKAS (b, 1985, Patras Greece) lives and works in Athens, Greece. He’s a self taught visual artist, working mainly on oil & acrylic colors, trying to incorporate and fuse literature within paintings; beside an artist, he’s a published author within Greece, of two novels. Prior on his art journey, John studied at the Department of Mechanical Engineering & Aeronautics in Patras University. The main subject of his art, is the human form, especially portraits; «there is nothing more interesting than an unknown face, crossing a street, or just breathing out, in pubic view» on his own words. In the last years, he has participated in a number of international group exhibitions, such as Montreal, Amsterdam, Paris, while residing at ex Art Depot Gallery, Athens & Art Appel Gallery now days. His last solo exhibition, May of 2018, was the first part on «Social Cannibalism», which is a series of works, enlightening the true reasons before human cruelty upon others, while the offset begins on personal level of each one of us. The second installment will be on May 2019, at Athens.

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