After having witnessed the inhuman, over-crowded conditions in the official camps on Lesbos, Moria and Kara Tepe,  November 2017 ourselves. Seeing the increasing numbers arriving on the shores of the islands close to Turkey, we’ve decided to make an urgent winter collection, then organised a truck full of emergency aid from the UK and Austria with donations of clothes, camping equipment and medical items kindly given by you, our supporters.

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The situation is dire and we can’t see any improvement any time soon. You will have seen the newly deteriorated situation in northern Syria, this again will provoke many thousand people to flee, since then we’ve sent two more trucks and will keep on doing so. The warehouses are empty and winter is approaching fast, leaving people with no more than the wet clothes they’ve arrived in. We will send word out for the next drop-off evening, thank you to all those who brought warm clothes, sleeping bags, torches etc, everything was massively appreciated.

Sustainability project:

We’ve established our  are also trying to find solutions for the unbelievable amounts of waist piling up by starting a sustainability project together with One Happy Family starting of with the purchase of an industrial dishwasher so they can start giving out drinks and meals on reusable cups and plates.

Please consider supporting our efforts with donations, money and volunteering. You won’t regret it – no one should be forced to live under conditions like that.