We co-run a housing programme on the island of Lesvos, in partnership with Attika Human Support. We have worked with the Attika team on numerous occasions since 2017 and have built a strong relationship with their key staff.
Three Peas fund the rental of a house for refugees and asylum seekers, while Attika manages the smooth running of operations on the ground. The house is situated in the heart of Mytilini and has the capacity to welcome up to nine people.
Even though the project is small scale at present, it provides the residents with a stable environment. This gives them the chance to stop living in a permanent state of emergency, and to gather the strength to move forward with their lives.
The impact of helping one individual is manyfold. As we have often witnessed, once people are back on their feet, helpees become helpers, and go on to sup-port others in need in the community.

Three peas say:
“We should all be entitled to a safe and warm home, and no one should be separated from their families, especially after having been through so much suffering.
We are all mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, who want to see our loved ones safe and sound, and happy.”