John Lennon
multi layer stencil on newspaper 55 x 56 cm

Born in Berlin, Germany, the city with the largest canvas in Europe, he was the first artist to paint the Berlin Wall from both sides in one single night. As it was still before the Berlin Wall came down, he was hunted by the East German authorities like an enemy of the state.

Basing himself in London for the last eight years, Mr. Fahrenheit also travels the world with is art and arguably no other street artist is more prolific or provocative.
Some people say you can walk for a couple of hours through London or Berlin and you see more artwork than in the MOMA in New York. And yes, they are right and a significant proportion of this artwork was created by Mr. Fahrenheit.

A Journalist wrote after giving a rare interview “Unlike other street artists roaming around London, you won’t be able to find any pictures of Mr. Fahrenheit online: it’s all about his work and not about the man behind it. And he will remain an enigma to me.”

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