Lesvos Island

We co-run a housing programme on the island of Lesvos, in partnership with Attika Human Support. We have worked with the Attika team on numerous occasions since 2017 and have built a strong relationship with their key staff. Three Peas fund the rental of a housing programme for refugees and asylum seekers, while Attika manages the smooth running of operations on the ground. Even though the project is small scale at present, it provides the residents with a stable environment, giving them grounding to rebuild their life and help others.
(See below Attika Athens for their work in the Greek capital)

Attika human support

Samos Island

We support the work of Just Action. Born at the very beginning of the Covid pandemic in winter 2020, Just Action has grown to meet the increased need for support of both the Samos refugee and local communities. They distribute food, hygiene and clothing items to those in need, whether from across the street, from the camps or the other side of the island.

With a strong ecological mindset, they run an organic vegetable garden to provide much needed nutrient-rich food to their beneficiaries. They organise regular beach and land clean-outs, and are always looking for innovative and efficient ways to re-use and recycle.
By helping both communities, Just Action is building a bridge for better mutual understanding and respect, easing cohabitation of the two communities on Samos.

Just Action Samos


Our long term partner Attika Human Support has now opened a warehouse in the capital to support the growing demand for help in the city and facilitate logistics and dispatching of goods to the islands. Three Peas help fund this new project.

Attika human support

We support Sport Centre Yoga and Sport for Refugees Athens. 
YSFR Athens is a sport centre run by asylum seekers under the wing of YSFR and open to all, one of the rare places in Athens offering sport for free. Since its beginning in July 2019 it has become a lifeline for many children, women and men, regardless of origin, religion or language.
YSFR Athens offers a peaceful place to build self-confidence and self-reliance through sport, with special attention given to children and women, as well as a space where community volunteers can share their skills.
The project was initiated by asylum seekers Dana and Kamara.

Yoga Sport with Refugees

We support non profit association Steps.  Steps distributes food, water, hygiene and clothing items as well as offering counselling, first aid and entertainment to those in need on the street of Athens, from both the refugee and local communities.



We support the non-profit organisation Wave, an independent group of volunteers supporting people on the move or left out of the system.  They organise food and basic need item distribution from their centre and throughout the city and work closely with medical and legal teams. 



We focus much of our support on medical help. We fund initiatives and emergency programmes, and sponsor medical supplies on both mainland and islands. We work directly with medical groups such as Medical Volunteers International or by supporting projects organised by our partner NGOs.


We implement, participate in and finance sustainability projects to help reduce the daily waste created by the permanent state of emergency relating to the refugee situation. We invest in professional dishwashers and re-usable plates in various community centres.

Emergency Help

We organise collections and deliveries of goods to provide emergency help. We are in constant contact with organisations on the ground – understanding their needs and sending the right items at the right time is essential. We organise container regular shipments of the items that are most in demand (from shampoo to prams), as well as books and educational materials. We try to support the local economy where possible.
We also give financial support to NGOs (non-governmental organisations) on the ground.  Partner NGOs