Back in autumn 2016 when we started the housing programme for vulnerable families, schwizerchrü agreed to support and finance a community space. The Sindos Community Centre (former Tamam) was born!

In July 2017, Three Peas, with the help of Georgia, our on-site manager, took over the running of the centre.

In April 2018, Be a Robin and IsraAID stepped in. Together we relocated the centre to a bigger place, in order to meet the needs of the evergrowing population of displaced people.

While Three Peas are still supporting the Community Centre in Sindos financially, Be a Robin and IsraAID are working alongside Georgia on the ground to make sure everything is running smoothly. They are doing a fantastic job!

The centre is a vibrant and bustling place, where people of every age and gender can meet up and take language, music and yoga lessons; get advice on their legal situation; talk to a psychotherapist, socialise, or participate in festivities and events.

Three Peas say:

“Imagine finding yourself in a foreign place, not being able to read or speak the language, missing home, your neighbourhood, your friends . . .

You’d wish for a place where you could go and meet people in a similar situation, who would understand what you were going through. A place where you could talk to open-hearted, patient people who could explain what you needed to do next. A place where you and your children could go every day for language lessons, art and craft and other activities; where you could feel safe and connected and prepare for rebuilding your life, so that your waiting time – your life – isn’t wasted.”

The Sindos Community Centre  offers just such a place – and it would not be possible without our supporters. Thank you for helping make a difference.

There are many ways to help, come along and be a PEA, come to one of our events, support our work by donating – every little helps