Tamam – it’s allright!

Imagine finding yourself in a foreign place. You can’t read or speak the language, you miss home, your neighbourhood, your friends…

This is what I would wish for:

I would wish for a place where I can go to talk to someone, to meet people who understand what I am going through – as they are in the same situation, a place where there are people with a welcoming heart, who can be patient and explain to me what I need to do next. A place where my children and I can go every day and take language lessons and other activities so our waiting time -our lives- are not wasted.

There is a place like that, the Tamam Community Center in Sindos:

Back in autumn 2016, when we started the housing program for vulnerable families, Swisscross agreed to support and finance a community space, the TAMAM center was born. Since July 2017, Three Peas took over and with Georgia, we found the most amazing manager – thank you Georgia for believing in the project and in the work of THREE PEA.

It is now a vibrant and bustling place, where people of every age and gender can meet up and take lessons, get advice and socialise. All this would not be possible without our supporters, thank you to help making a difference.

Please follow our TAMAM Facebook page to see what’s going on in our community.

There are many ways to help, come along and be a PEA, come to one of our events, support our work by donating – every little helps