Wherever you are, you can help!

You can:

organise fundraisers, from school cake sales to disco nights

attend our events

lend a hand to organise our events

We arrange all sorts of fundraisers, from musical matinees to discos – and our events are always great fun! We also take part in and organise events to raise awareness about the refugee situation.

donate goods

We are always on the lookout for practical items, from sani tary pads, shampoo and soap to baby strollers, nappies and even solar-powered torches.

If you, a friend, or relative work for a company which could donate something (e.g. excess stock, discontinued lines, etc) please get in touch and we will arrange to have the goods de livered where they are most needed.

volunteer on the ground in Greece

You could help in a distribution warehouse or teach art, yoga or sewing in a community centre…Whatever your passion!

discuss the refugee situation with those around you. If we can keep it at the forefront of people’s minds, we’ll be able to provide more support to those in need.


Contact us for more information at threepeasinapot@outlook.com

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