Walter Schnabl

“The great insights don’t come from the outside, they come from within.
Therefore I like silence, because it leads me to myself , where I can hear the subtle voices of the Muses
whispering words revealing the magic of arts that has utterly bewitched me.“

Born in Kapfenberg (Styria, Austria), grown up in Germany.

1970 for three years student at the „Jarvis Collegiate Institute for Arts and Sciences“ in Toronto, Canada

1973 student of painting at the Folkwangschule Essen, Germany

1978 final degree of the Essen University as a designer

Since 1980 I am living at a paradise like place in the northern part of Austria called Waldviertel, creating and inventing artworks in a very intensive way.


are a metaphor for all that is in motion.
They carry and transfer energy and resonate throughout the universe and so everything is connected to everything.