A Child’s Christmas Wish

Some children wish for Christmas iPads, video games and the latest cool toys. Other children ask simply for some new shoes, clothes or gifts for their little brothers and sisters. The 12 year old Elena had one and only heart’s deep desire this year. To travel to Northern Greece during the holiday season and visit the refugee families who are being supported by the Three Peas organization there. Her parents, Wolfi and (our bighearted Pea) Lena were more than happy to oblige and fulfill their offspring’s demand.

The family of three loaded their mini-bus with presents and other essential goods that were collected “for their friends in Greece” and drove from London all the way to Sindos, Thessaloniki. During their stay in the area, they used every opportunity to visit and spend time with all the Three Peas families and share with them some of the holiday spirit of giving and caring. Elena had the chance to meet her old friends, Lilaf, Delyar, Zoher again and to make some new ones like Salwa and Zainab.
Moreover, at this trip, our Pea, Lena and her husband, were able to contribute in many ways to the operation of the Refugee Community Centre in Sindos (for instance, Wolfi’s handyman skills came in handy when a wood stove had to be installed) and to strengthen the good collaborative relationship between SwissCrossHelp and Three Peas.
Elena’s wish was as unique as Elena herself, who’s come to realize that giving and caring for others cannot be replaced by expensive gifts and cool electronic devices and gadgets. It is a good thing to having beautiful wishes like Elena’s granted because they bring joy, happiness and hope to our world.