Czech Republic


In  the first weeks of the war in Ukraine, we supported reliable and long-term partners who travelled to the border, helped finance a transit operation taking refugees from the border to friends, families and safe places in neighbouring countries, set up a refugee shelter at the Romanian border and the deliveries of prams and baby food packs.

Since May 2022 we have started a long-term project, supporting a community centre in Nové Hrady in the Czech Republic.

Among other things, we are sponsoring food, fuel, educational staff and psychologists. During last summer we sponsored educational summer camps to help Ukrainian children prepare for the next school year. With arts and crafts workshops and sports activities, as well as tuition, the goal was to fill the gap in the children’s education and help them acquire language fluency.

The main objective of this whole project in Nové Hrady, is to meet important needs of Ukrainian refugee children, as well as their mothers, who are particularly vulnerable due to their life situation, coming from a war zone without the necessary equipment to start a life from scratch in a new country and without any personal ties to the Czech Republic.