Our Patrons

Axel Scheffler

Axel, renowned illustrator of most well-loved books such as The Gruffalo, Stickman or the Pip and Posy series, has been a supporter since our first hour, and it was only natural to ask him to become our patron, which he accepted without hesitation.

In Axel’s words:

The world is facing many unprecedented challenges and one of them is the refugee crisis, which is a problem that is not going to disappear; on the contrary, it’s a problem that is most likely to stay with us and grow. The situation of the refugees fleeing civil war in Syria has been, and still is, especially depressing. The response of western governments to this crisis is, on the whole, a great failure, in spite of the historical responsibility of our countries for the current situation.

I have, through personal connections, been following the work of Three Peas right from the beginning. I was deeply impressed by their personal engagement as citizens who wanted ‘to do something’, to help, to get involved, to ease the suffering of people who have fled conflict in the Middle East. I’m happy to support a group of (mainly) women from various European countries getting together to build up this charity. I have in past years supported them in their fundraising efforts and I shall continue to do so, now as a patron of The Three Peas. – Axel Scheffler

We are very honoured to have Three Peas’ work and cause embraced by such an artist, and are very grateful. Thank you Axel! You can find out more about Axel at

Roxanna Panufnik

Classical composer, Roxanna Panufnik, has written a wide range of pieces – opera, ballet, choral works, orchestral and chamber compositions, and music for film and television – which are performed all over the world. Thanks to her hybrid heritage, she has a great love of music from a huge variety of cultures and different faiths, whose influence she uses liberally throughout her compositions. Her mission to build musical bridges between the three Abrahamic faiths has resulted in high-profile commissions premiered by The World Orchestra for Peace in Jerusalem and at the BBC Last Night of the Proms.

In Roxanna’s words:

As the daughter of a refugee, not a day passes without me feeling phenomenally grateful to those who helped my father to survive in his exciting but also overwhelming early days of freedom in 1950s UK. It takes an act of enormous desperation, then courage, to uproot yourself and possibly also your family, to start all over again in a foreign land with absolutely nothing. I feel honoured, as a Three Peas Patron, to be able to ’give back’ through both kindness and practical support to our fellow humankind who need it the most. – Roxanna Panufnik

Roxanna’s music embodies inclusiveness, curiosity and respect, building bridges between the different traditions and religions of the world.

We could not be more delighted to have such a woman as patron, and are immensely grateful for her support, interest and trust in the work of Three Peas.

Roxanna, thank you! further details: