Busy Weeks


Busy Weeks

With the eviction of the camp of Karamanlis by end of January, also all the families housed by Three Peas were taken into the UNHCR Housing Program and moved somewhere in the Thessaloniki area.


Since then we were busy following up where our families were moved to, checking if they were all fine and if there is something we can help with in their new environment.

Our apartments in Sindos were emptied within some days and we wanted to offer the space as quickly as possible to new guest, but to whom exactly if there are still thousands living in camps?

We were super connected with many volunteers and all organisations working in Karamanlis and therefore always informed about very vulnerable cases. Since this camp closed down we needed to rebuild our network with the right contacts from other camps, can tell, not an easy task but essential to offer our free apartments to those in urgent need.

Now, we are complete again, throughout February 30 guests moved into our 8 apartments in Sindos. We have housed families, ladies with children waiting to join their husbands in Europe, an elderly lady with health issues, a young family with a new born, a couple waiting for their first child to be due in some weeks and a small group of men on their own who made friends with each other on their long journey to Europe.

Two weeks ago, our Peas Blanka and Vassia spent an entire week in Sindos to welcome our new guest and to listen to their stories. They also visited many of our “old” families but more about this trip to come soon …

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