Urgent collection for Lesbos

Monday 4th Collection of Donations in Twickenham 9:30am – 8pm

The Studio/

TOP of the Driveway
Riverside House

help us gathering aid for Lesbos as fast as possible. Martina and I are just back from Lesbos, the situation is dire. We have organised a truck heading to Lesbos from Austria before Christmas.

Let’s use this big opportunity to add some LOVE from the Island, shall we?

The most needed items  are as follows, in order of priority:

Men’s Small/Medium Jackets
Men’s Small/Medium Jumpers
Men’s Small/Medium long sleeve tops
Men’s Boots and trainers sizes 40 – 43
Men’s Hats, Scarves, gloves, socks and underwear
Sleeping Bags/ Blankets/Tents
All other men’s items
Personal hygiene items
Winter childrens’ clothes
Winter Women’s clothes
Strollers and Buggies

Shower gel
Wet wipes

Torches & Lights (solar are the best)
smart phones
Solar phone chargers
Plastic storage boxes
Backpacks & sports bags

little toy cars
colouring pencils
little notebooks and pencils

First aid: plasters, bandages, sterile if possible

All asthma/chronic bronchitis drugs plus spacer for babies and children
Sirup for children of all kind

Creams of all kind (steroid, antibacterial, antifungic, antiviral, antiseptic, antiseptic soap, etc)

All contraception meds
Pregnancy tests

All gastro drugs (antiacid, antivomiting, diarrhea, oral rehydratation solution, etc)

Pain killers for children and adults (paracetamol, ibuprofen/diclofenac/NSAIDs)

We have one very big favour to ask you, please everything MUST be clean, clothes and shoes – people in camps have no possibilities to wash and dry clothes. Some of the donations will go into special boxes to dress people arriving on the shore, there is no time to check if it’s appropriate. THANK you!

Please bring your spare cardboard boxes and in case you have time – we will be sorting, boxing and labelling all day on Monday and Tuesday!

If you’d rather prefer to donate money you can do so via our website, we then will buy for example nappies and babymilk.

Your Peas Blanka, Lena, Vassia, Clementine, Martina, Minou