Help us to make a difference on LESBOS

THREE PEAS help make a difference on LESBOS

The THREE PEAS Housing Project and our TAMAM Community Centre in Sindos are running smoothly thanks to our fabulous team led by Georgia. All of our guests are safe and warm for the upcoming winter.


This is not the case for the thousands of refugees still stuck in filthy overcrowded camps on Lesbos and other Greek islands. The conditions are horrible: no warmth, no privacy, no safety, not sufficient hygiene; illness and death are again expected on the doorstep of Europe this winter

This is why we feel the urgent need to extend our actions and we have decided to launch „Project Lesbos“.

We have followed the situation closely for months and to help in the best possible way two things are necessary:

Firstly, to get a better sense of the needs required and the best way to deliver help, we will fly over to Lesbos in a couple of days.

Secondly, we’ve realised that we also need to have a team member on the ground, someone with knowledge of the situation, well connected with other NGOs and volunteer teams, experienced, respected, hardworking and passionate about his work. Someone with a good soul:

WELCOME RALF!  We are super happy that you are joining Team THREE PEAS and you will be our „Pea on the ground“ from mid of December.

Please support „Project Lesbos“ and help us make a difference. We can’t do anything without you. Thank you!

you can donate HERE