It is a great day indeed… A great day for humanity!
Finally the Karamanlis Refugee Camp in Sindos, Northern Greece is closed and 595 of it’s residents have been either granted asylum and moved to other countries or they have been relocated to safe and warm accommodations in the area of Thessaloniki.
The closure of Karamanlis Camp, it’s one of these significant moments that really count for us, the Three Peas and other small aid organisations and volunteer teams like us.
Michael Räber and his SwissCrossHelp team are some of all these extraordinary people who strive to create a better world. They are an inspiring example of how much can be achieved when humans come together and with acceptance, understanding, dedication, compassion and love, stand by each other.
We, the Three Peas, are honored to be working with a team like SwissCrossHelp and we commit ourselves to keep valuing and cherishing this collaboration.
All small, self-organized, non profit organizations like us know very well that the only way to reach our goal of helping the vulnerable and eliminate suffering in the world, is by joining our forces and assist one another.
We thank all of you who believe in our work and keep supporting us to fulfill our task.