“Music rinses out of the soul the dust of everyday life”

Berthold Auerbach (28 February 1812 – 8 February 1882) was a German-Jewish poet and author

Music “writes” in the soul of each of us something different, depending on the personality, the experiences, but also the mood of the moment.

Music can lift you up… it can bring tears to your eyes… It can help you relax or make you get up and dance. Music has been with us since ancient times, and it‘s been part of every known culture. Music strikes a chord with all of us.

Musical education helps to get to know ourselves better. To learn to appreciate and respect ourselves. That way we develop better social relationships for the purpose of mutual respect.

Three Peas believes that especially the traumatized souls of most of the young but also old refugees have lost their melody but also the ability to listen to the melody of others. Many of these souls have lost their music.

So, we have decided to strengthen the music and song courses provided at the CC in Sindos. Over the past few days, while some of our team members had been in the area, we managed to organize two guitars, a darbuka (or goblet drum) and a tambourine. In addition, Anne, our Pea from London, brought donated instruments like a xylophone, a ukulele, a few percussion shakers among other things.

We hope that this action will enhance the more effective functioning of the music lessons at the Sindos Community Center while offering opportunities for those joining as well as benefits for the wider community.

Many thanks to all of our friends, followers, supporters who constantly are boosting all of our efforts to make a difference… Even a musical one!!!