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Moria Camp, Lesbos

“Moria camp, in Lesbos, has a maximum capacity of 3,100 people, but is bursting at the seams, with over 9,000 people. A third of them are children, living in appalling conditions, which are contributing to a considerable deterioration of their physical and mental health…In their island prison on Lesbos, they are forced to live in a context that promotes frequent violence in all its forms – including sexual and gender-based violence that affects children and adults.” Open letter by MSF clinical psychiatrist Dr Alessandro Barberio, Moria camp, Lesbos, Greece  

You might ask yourself, what could a group of women and their many helpers possibly do to ease the suffering?

This crisis is so vast and there doesn’t seem an end – let’s just start somewhere…

Please read below, what we have been up to, thank you!
Can you fit a mouse in a lorry?
Not in this one!

In October we will deliver about 500 brand new prams to our partners at Attika warehouse on Lesbos, a gift from an anonymous German company.
This means a lot: parents will find it easier to run errands to the far-from-the-camp shops, and the prams will give the babies a comfortable place to sleep, avoiding the unsafe, wet, draughty ground.
Thank you, generous donor!
The super packed Three Peas 90 cubic-metre trailer should reach Lesbos soon. Shipping such a load of goods isn’t cheap… around £5000!  Maybe you can help us meet the cost?

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Boogie success!

Earlier this month, we held Jem’s Village Disco at the Yacht Club of the notoriously wild Eel Pie Island for the third time.  To all those who came and kept the legend alive, thank you. Thank you for eating, drinking and dancing, thank you for making it such a special evening!
Many helped make this event happen so our thanks go to our Three Peas Angels  and helpers on the day Ambrose, Bob, Janine, Jonty, Katy, Marei, Selda and her children David and Sara, and Solveig as well as Jem the King of DJs, Mischa, Queen of Cocktails, Bennie the photo booth Super Snapper and last but not least Celia and all at the Yacht Club.  It does take a village!

Falling leaves, lower sun and longer nights.
Yes, October is the month for cosy nesting, warm fire and hot cocoa. Us who have so much, let’s share a little of our good fortune…


Photographing the seven strong minded, talking, fidgeting Peas isn’t an easy task. Thank you, Ulla Steinhauer for this photo of the complete team, and your time and patience on the day.

Thank you for supporting us, without you we can’t act!

With love and thanks from your Three Peas team
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