Sindos, Greece December 2016


By showing compassion and love for our fellow human beings and giving back to those who are less fortunate, we can inspire people to realize that there is still hope which encourages them to overcome life’s challenges. Our vision is driven by motivation and heart felt passion to eliminate suffering, promote normal living, relieve loss and pain, and provide sanctuary to people stranded in refugee camps in Greece.

Last week, Three Peas have been on the scene in Sindos, Northern Greece, meeting and supporting refugee families in need. Our mission is to assist people and give them the will to better themselves physically, mentally and financially, while working towards their own independence, self-sufficiency and building their emotional confidence.

 Working closely again with SwissCrossHelp as well as IOM, SAMS and UNCHR, we managed to help four more vulnerable families get shelter, household supplies and clothing which enabled them to find some safety and normalcy in their lives. Some of these families have a relative (a father, brother, sister) somewhere in Germany, England or elsewhere in Europe waiting to reunite with.

It’s terrible that families are separated. How hard must it be for someone when their children, spouse, or other family members go another direction. These situations create so much anxiety and stress on these people, to add to what they are already going through. What it means for them, we can only imagine. So, we should be all working to keep families together at any cost. It’s important to at least keep mothers, thers, and children together. Because after all, the only emotional support these people have are each other.

A very special moment, during our trip to Greece, was the Opening Party of the Community Centre in Sindos. We are delighted to have been there and helped SwissCrossHelp with the preparations for the opening party. And of course we thank our dear friends Amina and Fekret for the delicious food and also all the rest who showed support in every possible way. Moreover, for us, this party was a unique opportunity to celebrate and have a joyful time with so many new friends… refugees, locals and volunteers. 

We met people from Switzerland, Germany, USA, Israel, Greece among others, all with one common aim, to help refugees. There is cooperation at an international level and we should all be channelling that synergy into convincing more people to take action. All of us together can implement change for the better.

To all of you who have donated or helped in any way, thank you for trusting us. We, as Three Peas, promise to always make sure these resources reach refugee people in need. As an organisation we will work hard on the behalf of anyone who has donated to our refugee response. 

We welcome and appreciate anyone who wishes to participate and assist our work and the challenging tasks we face ahead. Please make your contributions, as it will help and enhance our future projects.