Sponsor a Family


We hope you all had a great summer break.

Two of our “peas” have been to Greece this summer and had the opportunity to get an updated overview about the refugee crisis there. Lena was in the area of Thessaloniki to hand over donations we funded to Refugee Support Greece in the Alexandria Camp and she has been working in the Karamanlis Camp in Sindos. Vassia has tried to get an overview of the situation in Athens and surroundings. Both made invaluable contacts with small charitable groups like Swisscross, Help Refugees and Refugee Support Greece plus others.

It is heart breaking, the living conditions are terrible!

Despite all efforts some camps are known for being extremely dangerous, especially for women and children, some ethnic groups have to live undercover not to be threatened by others. The lack of hygiene is causing health issues, the high temperatures in summer and the upcoming cold and humidity in winter makes it even worse.

Today, we’d like to share an urgent matter with you:

We’ve got to know two interconnected families in the Karamanlis Camp in Sindos. For different reasons these families are especially vulnerable and in need. Two of their children have medical needs. The grown up children both families are married and are expecting their first children in a couple of weeks.

A camp is by no means a good environment for someone who is ill, let alone for a new born baby.

We’ve decided to help them find a safe environment to live in by renting two apartments in the Sindos area as soon as possible. Beside the housing cost we’ll have to finance their daily life too. As one of them is a tailor and one is a math teacher they will still be of help in the camp and an important part of the community.

We have chosen this family because of their afore mentioned circumstances but also because they don’t have relatives elsewhere in Europe and they would be happy to stay in Greece if they are granted Asylum. The asylum process can be anything between six month and two and a half years and only then will they be eligible for an official working permit.

This is a long-term project, please support us – any little helps.


In case you would prefer to use a bank transfer please ask for our bank details in either Euros or Pounds; we happily accept cash donations also.

More information about future projects and how you can make a regular contribution is coming soon. Please help us spread the word to family and friends.

Thank you!

THREE PEAS IN A POT can make a difference

Blanka, Lena, Martina, Minou, Sonia & Vassia

We are a still a private initiative therefore we are unable to issue tax relief documents but we promise that every Euro and Pound goes directly to the people in need and to handpicked small organisations and likeminded projects.