Spring Newsletter 2022


Where to start?

In the last two weeks, the number of people in Europe having to leave home behind has increased by three millions… If the numbers are vertiginous and despairing, we must not give up. We do what we can. It may be small, but significant for those our support reaches. Three Peas have already facilitated the transport of 20 000 euro worth of prams and baby equipment, as well as a large number of baby food to Czech Republic, where many Ukrainians have arrived, having strong ties with the country. We thank Britax Germany and this anonymous donor for their compassion and generosity.

 🇺🇦 As always, we rely on your donations to do the work. As we have long term partners now at the borders of Ukraine, we have set up a Special Ukraine fundraiser, right here. We know the teams well, they embody solidarity, work efficiently and with care, and have experience in emergency response. Your money will enable them to help further.

 🇬🇷 Our regular Greek Projects are running as usual on Lesvos, Samos and in Athens and Thessaloniki and we maintain close ties with our partners via video calls and their regular reporting.

We would like to mention that harder times are coming to Greece:🚨The ESTIA programme, EU funded and now run by the Greek government, supporting refugees in Greece with housing will be drastically cut as of 16th April 2022. Out of 27 000 properties, 17 000 will disappear*. This means homelessness for a high number of people, families and flat sharers. NGOs on the ground need more resources to set housing programmes where possible, and to provide food packs and hygiene products, as well as medical help.We know they work relentlessly to meet the demand of those left in the streets.🚨It is also worth mentioning that the price of petrol is increasing, and so does the costs of all necessities (transport, electricity, heating etc).So please donate if you can.If you have any contact in the hygiene product, dry food or medical industries on the continent that could donate goods, please get in touch at threepeasinapot@outlook.com

 🌱 In better news…Though we decided to cancel our March disco, as Covid is still well among us, we have a new date!💃🏻🕺 Our famous Village Disco will now take place at the Eel Pie Island Yacht Club on 24th September, so SAVE THE DATE! 🤞  💚 Last but not least, we are delighted to announce that two new trustees have joined us at the Three Peas table, lawyer Maria Ribas, and illustrator Ulla Steinhauer. Their knowledge and input will no doubt keep Three Peas growing with fresh ideas on how to help best.We welcome them with gratitude. 

Thank you for reading, for being by our side, for your care and kindness.The Three Peas team.💚💚💚

 * https://migration.gov.gr/en/oloklironetai-to-programma-stegasis-estia-ii-to-2022/‘It is announced that from April 16, 2022, the positions of the housing program “ESTIA II” will be limited to 10,000 from 27,000 available in 2021, due to the improved management of Immigration, with the prospect of the program being completed by the end of 2022.  (This is highly debatable and does not reflect the feedback we receive from the NGOs on the ground.)It is noted that the “ESTIA” program has been operating since 2015, initially under the administration of the UN High Commissioner, with funding from the European Commission. The responsibility for the implementation of the Program bears, from September 2020, the Ministry of Immigration and Asylum, always with funding of the European Union, with its own means, or through implementing bodies, with the program being renamed “ESTIA II”.’