Update on the current situation in Sindos

Hello everyone, just a quick update on the situation in Sindos. The camp of Karamanlis should have been evicted by the 15th of January.  The fast response by UNHCR was triggered  by the bad weather forecast. Everyone should be moved from the camp into flats and other facilities as soon as possible no matter if they are registered for Relocation or Family Reunion. Due to bad weather conditions, the good intentions and actions have been slowed down. Busses  and cars couldn’t move due to snow, offices are closed (asylum office is closed for more than a week now),  volunteers on the ground are struggling with the low temperatures, snow, power cuts and broken water pipes.


water- and candle supply by swisscross after some broken water pipes  and several power cuts  at the shelter house

There are still people in Karamanlis waiting to be moved and we continue filling the gaps. UNHCR is doing a good job but moves are a kind of random and we only get information on a very short notice. One of our “Three Peas families” was moved mid of the week by UNHCR to a hotel.


Ahmed, here with his children, was happy to finally move to a flat after months of life in a tent

Today we could offer this flat to a family of 7, the men is known as the kind coffeeman of Karamanlis.

Ralf and his team from Swisscross were incredibly helpful and quick as usual. Everyone is happy.
Have a good weekend. Let’s see what Monday brings.

Please keep on supporting our work, people need to get into the warmth  – no one should live in a tent when temperatures are dropping below zero.

The Three Peas

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