Welcome to the world, baby Levand!

img_0785“Among the thousands of refugees fleeing devastating wars and violence there are children and unborn babies who are the real victims of these conflicts. Many women refugees, stranded in camps all through Greece, are pregnant. They live in inhumane conditions and they are in dire need of a safe environment for themselves and their newborns.
We, as Three Peas, see this as our duty to alleviate their plight. We took it upon ourselves and in September, we teamed up with Swisscross and helped two Syrian-Kurdish families to be moved out of the Karamanlis Camp and be relocated in the area of Sindos. Among them, was Lina, the daughter of the first family and Shiar, the son of the second family. The young couple, who had fallen in love and were expecting their first child wanted to start a life together in the most difficult of times.
Since September, the two families are sharing two flats in the area of Sindos and Three Peas ensures that they receive any support needed, so that they can make it back to a safe and normal life again. In the early hours of Saturday, on the 24th of October, Shiar and Lina welcomed a beautiful and healthy baby boy, little Lavand. All three are back in their new home and with the help and support of their relatives are starting their new life as a family in a warm and safe place.
This is us, the Three Peas being part of the solution. Our aim now is not only to keep helping and protecting these families but even so to make it possible for many more to have a normal and safe life too. This could be achieved only with the support of people who are ready to open their hearts and arms to those devastated families and are willing to offer them a new chance to a happy life. If you wish to be a part of the solution too then help us to make it possible for them.
Finally, we would like to congratulate the proud parents, Lina and Shiar, for their little bundle of joy and to wish all three of them a life full of spread smiles, warmth and love. Welcome to the world, baby Lavand!!!”